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Ovid Insights - a free article recomendation for busy physician

Ovid Insights is a valuable tool and easy to use!

Help the busy healthcare professionals stay up to date
on the latest available research at no cost to them or the institution, and help drive journal usage with direct linking options to your institution’s Ovid full-text journal entitlements (where available).

Join Ovid Insights!

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Ovid Health Всеки месец OVID - WOLTERS KLUVER HEALTH дава свободен достъп до някои от своите
он-лайн ресурси : списания или пълнотекстови книги
. Проверете ресурсите за този месец тук.

Journals of the Month
OVID - WOLTERS KLUVER HEALTH Resource of the Month
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SAGE JournalsВременен свободен достъп до някои он-лайн ресурси на издателство

SAGE JORNALS - Current Free Trials

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