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Сестрински и акушерски грижи

BNN Online  - British Nursing News  Новости от британската преса, засягащи сестринските грижи. Неограничен достъп.
ICUs and Nursing Web Journal Пълни текстове от 2000 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
Enfermeria Integral (Integral Nursing)  - на испански   Scientific journal on-line of the Nursing Organization of Valencia (Spain). Пълни текстове на публикации от 1999 г. до сега.  Hеограничен достъп.
International Journal of Nursing Practice  Заглавия на статии и резюмета от 1999 г. до сега.
Journal of Community Nursing  Пълни текстове от 1998 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
Nurse-Beat   Сardiac Nursing Electronic Journal  Пълни текстове от 1998 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
Nursing Spectrum  Цели статии от 2000 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
Nursing Standard  Заглавия на статии и резюмета, цели статии – от 1996 г. Свободен достъп до пълни текстове 12 месеца след публикуването им.
Nursing.aust Пълни текстове на статии от 1999 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing  Пълни текстове на статии. Неограничен достъп.
Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care  Пълни текстове на статии. Неограничен достъп.
Primary Nursing Care   Пълни текстове на статии от 2000 г. Неограничен достъп.
Revista Cubana de Enfermeria (на испански език)  Пълни текстове на статии от 1995 г. Неограничен достъп.
The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice  Пълни текстове на статии от 1997 г. Неограничен достъп.

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 Социална медицина и обществено здравеопазване


Социология, социална политика и социална работа

Спешна медицина
Адреси на организации и Web-страници
Адреси на организации
European Society for Emergency Medicine
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine - SAEM

European Resuscitation Council - ERC
The European Centre for Disaster Medicine - CEMEC
American Academy of Emergency Medicine
American Board of Emergency Medicine
American College of Emergency Physicians - ACEP
National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics (USA) - web links, question-a-day, automatic email-list subscriber, bibliographies, and articles.
National Emergency Medicine Association - NEMA (USA)
Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA (USA)
Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
Brown University Emergency Medicine Home Page
University of Texas - Houston  Emergency Medicine  Residency Program
Center for Emergency Medicine - a multi-hospital consortium dedicated to the advancement of emergency medicine through research, education, air medical  transport and quality care.
Critical Illness & Trauma (CIT) Foundation, Inc. - focus is on improving outcomes for people who become    suddenly ill or are injured in rural areas.
International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots - flight surgeons who are simultaneously  qualified as military pilots and present signifcant experience in a wide range of aircraft and aeromedical  topics.
Disaster Management Institute (USA) - development of professional and managerial  capabilities of government, public, and private sector in the field of natural and  industrial disasters.

@Emergency - search engine with emergency medicine specific Medline searching for physicians and patients.
Anaphylaxis Report  - Anaphylaxis Committee of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma  and Immunology

Common Simple Emergencies
Critical Care Forum - forum for the critical care, intensive care and emergency medicine community. Resource for all critical care specialists.
Diving Medicine Online - Information for the diver, for the doctor and for the medical specialist
EDphysician.com - job opportunities, articles, and links of interest to physicians engaged in the practice of  emergency medicine.
E-Med Home
E Medicine: Emergency Medicine - On-line Texts
The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page - Emergency Medicine topics discussed. Interesting EKG's and clinical photos and radiographs are being added.
Emergency Medicine Residents' Page - a collection of related WWW links and mailing lists.
Emergency Nursing World - center for clinical practice and informational needs of emergency nurses.
European Master  in Disaster Medicine
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) For Kids : games, student artwork, activities and cutting-edge  graphics that deliver a serious message of disaster preparedness and mitigation  for youngsters preschool through eighth grade.
Harrison's Online -  4-week FREE trial of Harrison's Online.
In-Hospital Defibrillation - dedicated to achieving early in-hospital defibrillation by training and authorizing nurses. With links about AEDs and data-gathering.
In-Hospital Resuscitation Forum
The Landing Zone - Alec Buck's EMS Helicopters - a guide to Emergency Medical Services helicopters.
Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures: Chemical Protocols from Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Science Corner - a resource for  physicians and other health professionals in assessing the treatment of patients potentially exposed to hazardous substances.
NBC Medical Defense Information Server - The Nuclear Biological and Chemical Medical server contains medical documentation, training materials, audio-video clips, a powerful search engine, and links to other related sites.
picuBOOK: an on-line resource for pediatric  critical care
Procalcitonin.com - dedicated to discussion of procalcitonin, a marker for severe infections and sepsis for lifesaving  decisions in ICUs, to direct an effective therapy at the right time.
The ProMED-mail reporting network at the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID). A Federation of American Scientists Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases.
ProMED-mail Archives
Radiology Cases In Pediatric Emergency Medicine -  FREE Pediatric Emergency Radiology Cases software
Safar Center for Resuscitation Research - addresses resuscitation medicine through programs studying traumatic  brain injury, cardiopulmonary arrest, disaster medicine and hemorrhaghic shock, and suspended animation.
Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, Inc. - SOLO offers training programs and professional certification for  all levels of wilderness/ rural/disaster emergency medicine, rescue, and leadership development.
University of British Columbia MultiCentre Research Network - emergency medicine research consortium made     up of the emergency medicine research divisions of The Royal Columbian Hospital, St Paul's Hospital and The     Vancouver Hospital.
Virtual ER
Web Directory: Emergency Department Sites - reference and links for emergency physicians and nurses.

Списания он-лайн

American Journal of  Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine    резюмета на статии от 1994 г. до юни 1997 г., пълни текстове - от м. юли 1997 г. до сега. Свободен достъп до пълни текстове 12 месеца след публикуването им.
Emergency Medical Abstracts Online - from the Center for Medical Education - current and clinically relevant resource for the emergency physician.

Emergency Medicine - magazine offers insight into problems in emergency depts/primary care. - Заглавия на публикации от 1997 г. до сега.
The Weekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine - provides critical analysis of current clinical literature on relevant topics. - Публикации от 1997 г. до сега. Неограничен достъп.
The Free Medical Journals Site - Он-лайн списания с пълни текстове на свободен достъп. Чрез този адрес се достига  до следните списания в областта на спешната медицина:

Atencion Primaria
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies

Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Journal
Internet Journal of Disaster Medicine
Internet Journal of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine
Pre Hospital Emergency Care
Prehospital Emergency Care

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