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Dear colleagues,
The Bulgarian Medical Journal is a new issue of the Central Medic al Library at the Mecical University , Sofia ; it is the successor of the Practical Medicine journal . The journal will be issued quarterly and will reflect original academic as well as practical scientific developments in all fields of medicine . In the same time, in every issue the Board of Editors will inform its readers for the achievements of Bulgarian and foreign specialists . We consider this necessary, because – if the medical science should progress – we need continuity and a memory of the past. Alongside, we all should know what has passed from antiquity to the time of high technologies and pay tribute to all colleagues who have contributed to the development of medical science and art .
The Bulgarian Medical Journal will also publish scholarly reviews on modern and avant-garde methods of diagnostics, treatment, and prevention in all fields of medicine . We should note here that fundamental science is a priority of great and rich countries but, nevertheless, theoretical knowledge and information are of paramount importance for general medical education of every physician. Precisely, through the contemporary significant problems of medical science and practice covered in scholarly reviews, the Bulgarian Medical Journal has the ambition to expand the views of colleagues from various specialties . In the heading for difficult diagnostic problems and rare cases, descriptions of clinical cases in all age groups from various medical fields will b e published .
In relation to the introduction of contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic methods, the Bulgarian Medical Journal will publish adopted guidelines and consensuses for diagnostics and treatment of socially significant diseases .
In every issue, the Bulgarian Medical Journal will publish information on forthcoming scientific events in our country and abroad .
The Editorial Board of the Bulgarian Medical Journal sincerely hopes to offer a medical journal meeting all contemporary requirements, beneficial and enjoying for all readers!

With best wishes for health, mutual cooperation, and all-round prosperity,

Prof. Dr. P. Minchev , D.Sc.Med. , editor-in-chief

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