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Quickly growing buccal neuroma – a rare case in the oral pathology. - Bulgarian medical journal (Български медицински журнал), 10, 2016, №2, 75-78.
B. Blagova1, М. Koleva2, P. Pechalova1 and B. Anavi2

1Department of Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University – Plovdiv
2Department of General and Clinical Pathology and Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, MU – Plovdiv
Summary. Aim of the article is to present a rare case of an intraoral neuroma localized on the buccal mucosa in a 90 years old female patient. Because of the untypical localization and clinical signs the diagnosis was confi rmed by an immunohistochemical examination following an excisional biopsy. Neuromas are benign encapsulated neoplasms arising from the neural sheath Schwann cells. Most reports suggest that they are usually extraoral lesions and in the oral cavity they appear commonly in the tongue. Material and Methods: The literature review was performed by meta-analyses of articles presenting similar to our fi ndings established by a histological verifi cation. Results confi rm the rarity of neuromas especially with the clinical features as the ones observed in our patient. These formations cannot be distinguished macroscopically from the lesions with typical intraoral localization. Due to that they should always be included into the differential diagnoses of the oral tumors. Conclusion: The histological verifi cation is the only reliable means for diagnosis clarity of the neoplasms in the soft tissues intraorally. Even with a combination of the contemporary imaging techniques clinical examinations do not give enough objective information in those cases.
Key words: buccal mucosa, neurilemmoma, neurinoma, neuroma, schwannoma, S-100 protein
Address for correspondence: Bistra Blagova, DMD, Department of Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hristo Botev 3 Blvd., Bg – 4000 Plovdiv, tel.: +359878843408, e-mail:


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Giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma – case report and review of the literature - Bulgarian medical journal (Български медицински журнал), 10, 2016, №1, 50-53.
K. Kirov and E. Kanchev

Marko Markov Specialized Hospital for Oncologic Diseases – Varna
Summary. Giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma is a relatively rare malignant neoplasm that is characterized by a slow and symptom-free growth. Diagnosis is done by means of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging. Surgical treatment is the method of choice. A clinical case of undifferentiated retroperitoneal liposarcoma sized 35/24/16 cm and weighing 9,5 kg in a 69-year old male patient was reported. The diagnosis was made using CT and postoperatively confi rmed by histological and immunohistochemical investigations. The operative management included tumour resection and right hemicolectomy. Recent Bulgarian and foreign publications devoted to this disease were discussed.
Key words: giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma, case report, diagnosis, operative treatment
Address for correspondence: K. Kirov, MD, Marko Markov Specialized Hospital for Oncologic Diseases, 100 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Bg − 9002 Varna, tel.: 00359 889652084, e-mail:

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