CONTENTS / 2-2013

Y. Yordanov, A. Shef and J. M. Lasso.
Anterograde facial-submental artery island flap
for palate repair after carcinoma ablation – a case report

Y. Yordanov, A. Shef, V. Vaseva and J. M. Lasso.
Sternal wound reconstruction with porcine acellular
dermal matrix (strattice) for poststernotomy mediastinitis

G. Tchernev, J. Ananiev, J. C. Cardoso, S. Philipov
and U. Wollina.

Oncogenic balanitis

G. Tchernev, J. Ananiev and J. C. Cardoso.
A rare case of a patient with a metatypical basal
cell carcinoma of the forehead treated successfully
with elliptical excision


E. Viteva.
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, epileptic
seizures and cortical dysplasia: a case report

J. Dineva, I. Vangelov, I. Rangelov, G. Stamenov and T. Fartsova.
Role of leptin in oxidative stress and survival of human granulosa luteinized cells in vitro

K. Peycheva and D. Krastev.
In vitro comparison of four dentine excavation methods
in permanent teeth

M. Marcheva, L. Tosheva-Konteva and G. Petrova.
Main legislative changes in healthcare system in Bulgaria
during 1997-2012

M. Genova, K. Todorova-Ananieva and K. Tzatchev.
Impact of body mass index on insulin sensitivity/resistance in pregnant women with and without gestational diabetes mellitus

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