CONTENTS / 2-2012

E. Vucheva, М. Genova, Y. Niagolov, N. Doncheva,
G. Peichinova and K. Tsatchev.

Comparative determination of glycated hemoglobin with direct photometric immunoassay and affinity chromatography

K. Hristov, J. Lindquist and B. Schraven.
Re-stimulation of T-cell antigen receptor and regulation of the tyrosine phosphorylation in peripheral T-cells

K. Todorova, N. Manolova, D. Zasheva
and S. Hayrabedyan.

A relationship between microrna 204 and Occludin in prostate cancer inflammation signaling

M. Velizarova, E. Hadzhiev, I. Dimova, D. Toncheva
and K. Tsatchev.

High incidence of unfavorable cytogenetic aberrations and low remission rate in adults over 60 with acute myeloid leukemia

G. Tchernev, J. Ananiev, M. Gulubova, I. Bakardzhiev,
G. Pehlivanov, M. Gonevski, L. Zisova and J. C. Cardoso.

HPV-associated buschke-löwenstein tumours in a patient with disseminated anogenital form of condylomata acuminata –
a dermatosurgical problem

J. Ananiev, G. Tchernev and, I. Bakardzhiev.
Ulcerative lesion in the genital area – a rare case of non-keratinizing poorly differentiated metastasizing squamous
cell carcinoma with a lethal outcome

B. Kamoona, J. Kazandjieva, A. Nikolova, E. Bardarov
and S. Marina.

Angiokeratoma circumscriptum – successful treatment
with a new technology


K. Lyubomirova.
Occupational health management of pesticides
intoxications (a case report)

K. Lyubomirova and N. Tsacheva.

Health management of occupational diseases – a challenge
for Bulgarian economy and public health

E. Boteva, M. Marinova and D. Karayasheva.
An in vitro study of root caries of front teeth

E. Hadzhiev, K. Alexandrova, M. Velizarova, I. Dimova
and D. Toncheva.

Association of 13q14 deletion with clinico-laboratory parameters
in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL)

M. Velizarova, I. Dimova, E. Hadzhiev and K. Tsatchev.

BCR/ABL molecular testing by fluorescence in situ hybridization
in untreated adult acute leukemia

E. Viteva.
Importance of some clinical factors (epilepsy duration, clusters of seizures and/or epileptic status, type of epilepsy, type of seizures, mono-/polytherapy) for the quality of life of patients with refractory epilepsy


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