CONTENTS / 2-2011

B. Kutchoukov.
IOL dislocation and retinal detachment – a study
by ultrasound biomicroscopy

J. Ananiev, G. Tchernev, M. Penev, M. Gulubova,
G.  Kupcova and N. Sucha.

Uncommon clinical presentation of balanitis circumscripta plasmacellularis zoon associated with monoclonal gammopathy of igg-type and acute exacerbation of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis – complete remission
after systemic administration of doxycycline

R. Nikolova and S. Danev.
Effect of mental work load on autonomic cardiovascular control

N. Boyadjieva and G. Bocheva.
Effect of chronic alcohol consumption on apoptosis
of lymphocytes: role of caspase-3 and fas ligands

A. Loukova.

Factors influencing acute alcohol poisoning in adolescents
in Bulgaria

R. Nikolova and S. Danev.
Dеtermination of the effect of lead-induced subclinical
toxicity on autonomic cardiovascular function

K. Koev, S. Cherninkova, Ch. Chakarova, R. Georgiev,
S. Dimitrova, R. Kaneva and S. Bhatacharya.

Clinical assessment and molecular genetics of an autosomal
dominant retinitis pigmentosa in a bulgarian roma family


A.Tsonev, E. Kovachev, I. Bakardzhiev, S. Ivanov,
A. Abbud and M. Veseli.

Acute intermittent porphyria during pregnancy and normal
delivery: a case report

B. A. Lafaut, J.-J. De Laey, F. M. Meire and B. M. Kutchoukov.
Late radiation retinopathy in a patient treated for retinoblastoma

J. Radenkova-Saeva.
Severe baclofen self-poisoning – a case report

R. Robeva, T. Todorov, V. Dimitrova, M. Yordanov
and D. Doychinov.

Mesangial lipoidosis with cholesterol deposition – a new
case with nephrotic syndrome and rapidly progressing renal failure

G. Tchernev, J. Ananiev and M. Gulubova.

А case of giant squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue –
a rare finding within the framework of dermatological screening?

J. Ananiev, G. Tchernev, J. W. Patterson, M. Gulubova
and G. Ganchev.

р53 – “The guardian of genome”

E. Boteva.
An in vitro study on the sizes of pulp chambers
and clinical crowns of molars

M. Manova, A. Savova, A. Stoimenova, B. Angelovska
and G. Petrova.

Economic analysis of the cost savings after implementation of antibiotic policy in hospital

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