CONTENTS / 2-2010

Zh. Ivanova, А. Toshev and К. Tsachev.
Association between biochemical markers
of bone turnover and markers in the estrogen receptor
(ER) gene

A. Stoimenova, V. Tzankova, M. Manova and G. Petrova.
Cost minimization analysis of inhalled corticosteroids containing beclomethasone dipropionate for asthma therapy

K. Todorova – Ananieva, E. Konova, M. Guenova.
Pregnancy outcomes in women with type 1 diabetes treated with long acting insulin analogs. a case control study

A. Jordanova, A. Tsanova, Y. Dumanov, D. Chakarov,
G. Georgiev, E. Christova, C. Vassilief and Z. Lalchev.

Effect of administration of surfactant therapy in newborns
with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome

Zh. Vinarova, P. Mihova and I. Penjurov.

Web application of health data base for vitamins – antioxidants

B. Ruseva and F. Ribarova.
Nutritional aspects of Selenium (Se)

A. Stoimenova, M. Manova, A. Savova, T. Kundurzhiev,
M. Stoycheva, S. Georgieva, M. Dimitrova and G. Petrova.

Educational project on food supplements for community pharmacists

R. Todorova.
Mechanism of transactivation by ead based on protein-protein interaction studies

J. Patterson, G. Tchernev, J. C. Cardoso and M. M. Ali.
Acquired granulomatous haemorrhagic dermatophytosis of the
beard due to trichophyton rubrum – unusual clinical and histopathological presentation in a german man

H. Okamoto, L. Arseniev, J. C. Cardoso and G. Tchernev.
Anaplastic large CD30 positive Т-Cell Lymphoma of the skin-treatment options: current state and future directions

M. Stancheva, I. Kremenski, M. Apostolova , J. Jaeken,
E. van Schaftingen, G. Matthijs, N. Ivanova, V. Bojinova,
B. Radeva, P. Perenovska, K. Vladimirova, R. Vajarova
and D. Todorova.

A clinical case with PMM2-CDG and dandy-walker malformation

Al. N. Zubritsky.

Panamerican centre of pathology as a basis of progress
of panamerican pathology in the future

E. Boteva.

Frequency of root curvatures in molars – an in vitro study

E. Boteva.
Significance of the size of clinical crowns of molars in cariology and endodontics

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