CONTENTS / 1-2014

M. P. Genova, K. Todorova-Ananieva, B. Atanasova
and K. Tzatchev.

Assessment of beta-cell  function during pregnancy and after delivery

M. P. Genova, K. Todorova-Ananieva, B. Atanasova and K. Tzatchev.
Proinsulin in healthy  pregnancy, pregnancy with gestational diabetes and after delivery

V. Manolov, B. Atanasova, V. Vasilev, K. Tzatchev and M. Velizarova.
Elisa method for serum  hepcidin quantification in Bulgarian population

G. Petrova, I. Nikolov, Z. Ivanova, Tz. Decheva,
Tz. Valchanova, G. Draganov, T. Naydenov and A. Stoimenova.

Continued professional education of Bulgarian pharmacists: second registration period

Bl. Yaneva, E. Firkova and E. Karaslavova.
Early clinical effectiveness of Er:YAG laser  in association
with the red complex of bacteria in the initial treatment of moderate  chronic periodontitis

Tz. Uzunov, P. Uzunova, T. Uzunov and R. Grozdanova.
Resection of the tooth apex with diode laser


K. Vangelova and V. Stanchev.
Stress, visual and musculoskeletal complaints in open  
plan office staff

Y. P. Yordanov and A. Shef.
Hypertrophic scars and keloids – contemporary concepts
and treatment options

Kr. Koev.
Toxoplasmosis and its ocular manifestaions

M. Betekhtin, J. Ananiev, G. Tchernev, L. Zisova,
S. Philipov and R. Hristova.

Early onset basal  cell carcinoma: surgical approach

J. Ananiev, G. Tchernev, S. Philipov, C. Guarneri,
J. W. Patterson, L. Zisova, R. Hristova, M. Betekhtin
and U. Wollina.

HPV-associated penile pigmented lesion

I. Neichev, K. Slaveykov, K. Trifonova and B. Chakarova.
Subconjunctival dirofilaria repens

J. Radenkova-Saeva and P. Atanasov.
Cardiac glycoside plants self-poisoning


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