CONTENTS / 1-2013

M. Velizarova, D. Popova, E. Hadzhiev and I. Dimova.
Genetic aberrations in adult CD10 positive/cytoplasmic
IgM negative B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

L. Mitev, M. Velizarova, V. Uzunova, R. Stanchev,
I. Gigоv, J. Rainov, R. Vladimirova and K. Tsachev.

Three cases of acute myeloid leukemia and deletion
of the long arm of chromosome 9

A. Musliu, M. Boncheva, O. Behxhet, M. Koni, M. Shabani,
T. Arbneshi and B. Mustafa.

Biochemical and tumor markers in the follow-up
of patients with lung cancer

Sm. Diaconescu, M. Burlea, Cl. Olaru, G. Păduraru,
I. Albu, V. V. Lupu and A. Rugină.

Focal bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis after neglected foreign body aspiration in a young boy

K. Slobodian and Yu. Rohoviy.
Evaluation of the disorders in renal functions in sexually immature rats with sublimate nephropathy under salt load and blockade of renal prostaglandins

V. Petrov, B. Matev, Pl. Tsekov and Hr. Georgiev.
Lesions of the neurovascular bundle during surgical
treatment of dupuytren’s contracture

D. Vacheva, A. Mircheva, V. Simeonova and B. Stamenov.
Screening of the recovery of everyday life activities among patients with cerebrovascular disease


K. Peycheva and E. Boteva.
Methods for diagnosing dental fluorosis: quantitative laser fluorescence and light-induced fluorescence

E. Boteva and K. Peycheva.
Detection of dental hypoplasia – ability
of fluorescence methods

P. Uzunova, M. Deneva, Ts. Uzunov, St. Rabadzhiyska,
Hr. Kisov, N. Kaymakanova, E. Dinkov and M. Nenchev.

Penetration of IR laser radiation in human teeth:
angular distribution of light and coefficients
of absorption and scattering

K. Hristov, J. Lindquist and B. Schraven.
Cross-talk between the signalling pathways of the
receptor for interleukin 2 and the T-cell antigen
receptor in human T-blasts

S. Dermendzhiev and P. Deleva.
Is the тime of combined allergic syndromes coming?

K. Semkova and G. Tchernev.
Superficial spreading malignant melanoma: complete
remission after surgical excision

B. Kamoona, D. Serafimova, V. Broshtilova,
Zh. Kazandzhieva and S. Marina.

Fibrosing alopecia in a pattern distribution in two
brothers with pili multigemini

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