CONTENTS / 1-2012

Kr. Petrov, G. Kobakov, M. Manova, К. Mitov, A. Savova
and G. Petrova.

Influence of the choice of volatile anesthetics on liver
enzymes after surgical liver resections

M. Manova, A. Stoimenova, L. Peikova, P. Peikov
and G. Petrova.

Patent protection policy of the therapeutic groups аngiotensin II receptor antagonists

D. Obreshkova, D. Tsvetkova and K. Ivanov.
Most used combined multisupplements containing l – arginine

A. Savova, A. Stoimenova, M. Manova and G. Petrova.
Pharmacotherapy costs of osteoporosis and related
fractures in Bulgaria

M. Velizarova, D. Popova, E. Hadjiev, N. Dimitrova,
I. Dimova, D. Toncheva and K. Tzatchev.

Evaluation of molecular-cytogenetic Aberrations and overall survival in myeloid antigen positive adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia

St. Sopotensky and Al. Cervenjakov.
Adapted surgical thoracoscopic Heller’s myotomy
in the treatment of achalasia

Т. Тurnovska, St. Kostianev, B. Мarinov
and St. Mandadzhieva.

Different low levels of air pollution and respiratory functions
an 8-year natural experiment


Kr. Todorova, S. Hayrabedyan, J. Dineva, I. Vangelov,
D. Zasheva, V. Penchev, G. Nikolov, M. Mollova and M. Ivanova.

Cumulus biomarker evaluation for human oocyte quality prediction

P. Nenoff, M. Peter, G. Tchernev, G. Mulyowa, E. Amerson,
U. Paasch and J. Ananiev.

lichen striatus in Uganda – case reports and update of clinical picture, differential diagnosis and pathogenesis: first description of patients in sub-Saharan-Africa

Ju. Ananiev, X. Baraliakos and G. Tchernev.

Reactivation of subacute cutaneous lupus erythematodes
under the clinical picture of rowell syndrome

E. Boteva and D. Yovchev.

The sizes of pulp chambers of molars with severe root
curvatures – in vitro comparative study

E. Boteva and D. Yovchev.

Efficiency of working length detection and irrigation
during preparation of curved root canals

N. Dimitrov, P. Tsekov and B. Matev.

Arthroscopic surgery in cases with an aging locked
posterior dislocation of the shoulder


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