CONTENTS / 1-2011

H. Georgiev, B. Matev, N. Dimitrov and P. Georgiev.
Osteoclastoma of metacarpal bones

A. Stancheva, L. Spassov and K. Tzatchev.
Hemostatic monitoring of the perioperative  fibrinolytic
activity during liver transplantation

J. Ananiev, M. Gulubova, I. Manolova, G. Tchernev,
V. Ramdan, V. Velev and J. Gerenova.

Uncommon clinical presentation of fibrosarcoma of the thyroid gland in a patient with fatal outcome: the role of immunohistochemistry for confirmation of the diagnosis

M. Stancheva, A. Merdzhanova and L. Makedonski.
Fatty acid composition of fish species from the bulgarian
black sea

V. Paskaleva-Peycheva, M. Panchovska-Mocheva
and E. Kavrakov.

Rheumatoid arthritis in the general practitioner's practice

N. Manolova, D. Zasheva and M. Stamenova.
Immunobiology of endometriosis

S. S. Mileva.
Zinc – the breakthrough

E. Boteva.
Use of posts in dental practice

E. Boteva.
Use of posts by undergraduate dental students

P. Pechalova.
Dentigerous cysts: a clinical study of 146 cases

S. Desancic, A. Stoimenova, A. Savova, M. Manova, V. Petkova
and G. Petrova.

Pharmacoeconomics of rare diseases therapy – an example
of phenylketonuria

A. Stoimenova, G. Petrova, I. Nikolov, M. Manova, G. Draganov,
Z. Ivanova, D. Dimitrov, G. Mihova and A. Savova.

Continuing professional education of Bulgarian pharmacists

S. Tsanova-Savova.

Biologically active composition and health impact of Allium cepa

R. Nikolova and S. Danev.

Cardiovascular functional diagnostic methods

A. Agovska and R. Kirkova.
Mental work capacity and reliability among nuclear power plant operators

J. Radenkova, E. Saeva and V. Saev.
Psychoactive substances in different cultures and religious practices

S. Dermendjiev and Z. Stoyneva.
Angioneurotic edema caused by dental materials: a case report

P. Madzharov, P. Panchev, E. Kovachev, S. Ivanov, R. Minkov,
A. Tsonev, A. Abbud and I. Bakardzhiev.

A case report of a large subserous fibroid and incomplete
abortion in a juvenile patient

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