CONTENTS / 1-2010

M. Panchovska, E. Firkova, H. Georgiev, A. Gosmanov
and R. Makuleva.

Periarticular calcifications in normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism

A. Loukova and J. Radenkova-Saeva.
Deanxit self-poisoning in a patient
with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy – a case report

H. Blagoeva, Ch. Balabanov and D. Petrov.
Pseudoexfoliation syndrome and glaucoma

K. Koev, E. Borisova and L. Avramov.
He-Ne low level laser therapeutic applications
for treatment of acute iridocyclitis

K. Todorova – Ananieva, E. Konova, D. Iafusco,
O. Palaveev, Al. Emin, M. Atanasova and M. Guenova.
Pregnancy outcomes in normoglycemic women with hyperinsulinemia treated with metformin before
and during pregnancy – a case-control study
biguanid in pregnancy of hyperinsulinemic women

K. Todorova-Ananieva.
Pharmacoeconomic analysis for the future treatment
of diabetes melitus after gestational diabetes

K. Koev, E. Borisova and L. Avramov.
Laser-induced autofluorescence spectroscopy of basal cell carcinoma and papilloma of eyelids and comparison with the results from the histological investigation

R. Nikolova, E. Vodenitcharov and N. Tzacheva.
Physiological mechanisms controlling cardiovascular responses
to muscular static load

G. Petrova, A. Stoimenova and M. Manova.
Cost-effectiveness of celecoxib in patients with familial
adenomatous polyposis: a Bulgarian scenario

A. Stoimenova.

Food supplements in Central and Eastern European countries

A. Todorova.

Quality of life and age at onset in patients
with Parkinson’s disease

V. Stoyanova, S. Krastev, R. Vladimirova,
G. Genchev and V. Milanova.

A comparison of remission in bipolar and recurrent depressive disorders: clinical and socio-demographic characteristics

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