B. Atanassova, K. Tzatchev, V. Vassilev, S. Kyriaky,
A. Tzakova.

Direct electrothermal atomic spectrophotometric method for determination of gold in human plasma and urine

V. Sarafian.

BGA and tumor progression

P. Nenoff, S. Stengel, G. Ackermann, M. Erhard, M. Seibold and A. Oltmann.

Fatal invasive pulmonary mould infection due to Fusarium dimerum and Aspergillus fumigatus in patient with acute myeloid leukemia

G. Tchernev and P. Nenoff.

Human papillomavirus infections from dermato-venereo-logical point of view: important invasive and noninvasive treatment options

Ts. Genadiev, D. Gaydarov and V. Veleva.

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy – first results in Bulgarian urological practice

O. C. Andrei.

Esthetic solutions used to restore the soft tissue in removable partial denture treatment

H. Hundozi-Hysenaj, A. Murtezani, Q. Hysenaj, Z. Hundozi
and N. Baftiu.

Rehabilitation of patients after cerebrovascular accident

P. J. Atanasov, E. K. Stankova and I. K. Grabchev.
Life threatening hemorrhagic diathesis in exogenic poisonings. A case of isolated thrombocytopenia in poisoning with selective herbicide trofi

J. Radenkova-Saeva and R. Atanassova.

Study on acute methanol poisoning

A. Stancheva, L. Spassov and G. Mutafov.

Diagnostic reliability of rotation thrombelastometric method (ROTEM®)

K. Koev, V. Tanev and A. Mihova.

Comparative and experimental study on the effects of helium-neon
laser irradiation and polarized monochromatic light
on the oxidation-reduction processes of the front epithelium and the stroma of the cornea after chemical burn

P. Gatseva, M. Stoicheva and A. Bivolarska.

Nitrite and nitrate levels in plasma and urine of patients with intestinal infections and diarrhea syndrome

T. Dimitrova, E. Karaslavova, and N. Donchev.

Influence of air pollution in an urban area on hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction

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